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Image of speakers at the 2023 Lash Boss Summit with pink overlay and details on the date and location
See You at Lash Boss Summit Ya’ll!

Lash Boss Summit, hosted by ALA Leadership Council Member Shelby Tarleton, is happening in Austin, Texas, on April 26-27, 2024 and the ALA will be there! This is where industry leaders, lash artists, and enthusiasts from around the globe converge for a weekend of unparalleled insights and networking. This is THE midwest lash event you don’t want to miss!

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Pink background with gift boxes and balloon hearts for the ALA member lash giveaway
ALA Member Lash Giveaway #LashLotto

Don’t miss out on the excitement of the ALA Member Lash Giveaway, our biggest lash event of the year! Join us for a week-long celebration starting on April 15th, 2024, as we express our gratitude to our incredible community of lash artists and partners. With daily giveaway drawings from April 22nd to April 27th, tune in to our Instagram LIVE for your chance to win amazing prizes from some of your favorite lash industry brands! #LashLotto

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Close up view of professional busy African American business woman manager executive working on laptop computer writing notes in notebook
Your Lash Artist Business Checklist

This comprehensive guide is designed to assist aspiring lash entrepreneurs in laying the groundwork for their businesses. Covering essential steps from certification and branding to financial management and marketing strategies, this checklist provides a clear roadmap for success in the lash industry. With practical tips and resources tailored specifically for lash artists, this checklist serves as a valuable tool to help individuals navigate the complexities of starting and running a thriving lash business.

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Lightbox with motivation words for self care, positive thinking, mental health, emotional wellness
Unlock Wellness: Dive into Savings with BetterHelp and YogaWorks Discounts at ALA

Discover a path to holistic well-being with ALA’s latest benefits spotlight. Nurture your mental health with BetterHelp, offering a complimentary month and exclusive discounts for sustainable therapy sessions. Experience the rejuvenating power of YogaWorks at a 20% reduced monthly rate, enhancing not just physical health but also mental clarity—crucial for the demanding world of lash artistry. ALA brings these tailored benefits to prioritize the holistic well-being of lash artists, recognizing the unique challenges and needs within the industry.

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A woman with eyelash extensions making a heart with her hands
National Lash Day: A Celebration of Artistry

National Lash Day, observed annually on February 19, transcends the realms of beauty, originating from the prestigious House of Lashes. Beyond a celebration, it’s an ode to the fascinating allure and intricate history of eyelashes. The day prompts enthusiasts to appreciate the diversity and beauty of lashes, fostering a profound understanding of their role in framing the eyes.

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