Shelby Tarleton of Lash Boss Radio Joins ALA Leadership Council

In a significant stride towards elevating the standards of lash education and industry leadership, Shelby Tarleton, the esteemed owner of Pink Lady Lash in Austin, Texas, has officially joined the Leadership Council of the Association of Lash Artists (ALA). Recognized for her influential role as the host of the award-winning podcast Lash Boss Radio and the organizer of the renowned Lash Boss Summit, Shelby brings a wealth of experience and innovation to the ALA.

The Pink Lady Lash Boss

Step into the world of Shelby Tarleton, the dynamic force behind Pink Lady Lash and the acclaimed Lash Boss Radio. With a lash journey dating back to 2011, Shelby has recently taken a pivotal role in the ALA leadership council, solidifying her dedication to shaping the future of lash education.

With a rich history in the lash industry dating back to 2011, Shelby’s journey has been marked by a commitment to quality lash education and fostering a community of skilled lash artists. Her dedication extends beyond the walls of her salon, Pink Lady Lash, as she frequently speaks at beauty conferences worldwide, judges lash championships, and leads the Lash Boss University, providing aspiring lash artists with a solid foundation in both artistry and science.

Notably, Shelby is the founder of Lash Boss Retreats, a unique initiative that combines artistic skill-building workshops with the joy of exploring global landmarks. From London to Santorini, these retreats offer lash artists a chance to refine their craft, exchange ideas, and build connections against the backdrop of some of the world’s most beautiful cities.

Joining the ALA Leadership Council

Shelby’s decision to join the ALA Leadership Council reflects her unwavering commitment to shaping the future of lash artistry. As an influential figure in the industry, she brings a fresh perspective and a passion for advancing lash education standards across the United States.¬†

The ALA is poised to benefit significantly from Shelby’s expertise, innovative mindset, and extensive network within the lash community. Her involvement is expected to contribute to the development of strategic initiatives, educational programs, and industry-wide collaborations that align with the ALA’s mission to foster excellence in lash artistry.