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What's An ALA
Membership Like?

It’s the gift that keeps on giving. For real, it’s like: 

The ALA is a professional organization for lash artists where your once-per-year membership fee gives you access to thousands of dollars worth of education, coaching & mentorship, brand discounts, digital downloads & templates, community events, and so much more!

Your lash career can give you the freedom and flexibility you’ve always wanted, and the ALA can help by giving you the knowledge and support you need to get there faster. 


The Ultimate Lash
Artist Toolkit

Whether you're starting out and need to get going, or are ready to take your career to the next level, the ALA has your back! You may have already invested time, energy, and money into being a lash artist and still feel lost. The ALA has a collection of exclusive tools, resources, and connections to get you on the right path.


Perks, On Perks, On Perks!

How do you make belonging to an elite lashing organization even better? By adding too many benefits to count!

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Curated Educational Resources

We've done the heavy lifting and gathered the highest quality blogs, podcasts, Youtube videos, and training courses that we KNOW will help you in your lashing career!

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Exclusive Discounts

From QuickBooks to CosmoGlo, we've got the discounts you need to power your lash business! Including industry course discounts, business & tax support promotions, and more...

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ALA Classifieds

Looking for a new job or studio space to rent? We’ll help you find the perfect place to practice your lashing magic by compiling all the open positions, properties, and classifieds near you in our online Classifieds.

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Liability Insurance

Finding the right coverage for your services can be exhausting. We’ve partnered with Beauty & Bodywork Insurance to help you protect your clients and your business with an affordable liability insurance package.

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Included Business Webinars

Exclusive webinars only for ALA members taught by industry leaders on business, mindset, marketing, lash techniques, 6-figure secrets, AND members can put in requests for topics they want to learn more about!

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Lash Artist Census

Share your insights, and be a part of a part of an industry-wide advocacy campaign. The ALA Lash Artist Census is the first of its kind, and is a national survey that, when completed, will be a source of truth and inspiration for our community.

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Solutions for Managing Personal, Business and Tax Finances

More than an accounting software, QuickBooks helps you track income, expenses and stay ready for Taxes like a Lash Boss.

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ALA Magazine Subscription

Move over, Vogue. We’re bringing beauty into the 21st century with the ONLY national magazine for lash artists. Our careers, our industry, our way! Your ALA membership comes with an automatic free subscription.

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Professional Standards

You know lashes, you know the proper techniques, and we’re creating a community that recognizes your integrity, responsibility, and ethics as the standard for our industry.

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Events & Conferences

We’ve linked up with conference partners to list the latest national and international lash industry events on our website! Join us in person or online, meet new friends, attend discussions, and learn tips and tricks to help you run your beauty empire.

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Professional Development Resources

We’re helping the lash industry grow sustainably by investing in the top lash artists in the country (AKA you)! Our tools and leadership councils will help you advocate for your career, uphold high standards, and lead by example.

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Networking & Forums

You know lashes, you know the proper techniques, and we’re creating a community that recognizes your integrity, responsibility, and ethics as the standard for our industry.

Sneak a Peek of What YOUR Membership Includes

Free Lash Lift & Tint Course ($450 Value)
Thank you to The Lash Shop Canada
Free Facebook Ads Course for Lash Artists ($198)
Thank you to Light Heart
20% Off All PLA Products
Thank you to Paris Lash Academy
1 Month Free (Up to 4 sessions) + 15% Off Lifetime Membership
Thanks to BetterHelp
20% Off LASHBASE Products & Education
Thanks to LASHBASE
30% Off Six Months of QuickBooks Online/Payroll
Thanks to Intuit QuickBooks
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Other Membership Options

Student Member

Just Starting Out

Use your school’s discount code to receive 35% off the regular membership

Embark on your lash artist journey with the ALA and enjoy exclusive perks designed just for students at the start of their career.


*while enrolled in a qualified beauty school school or training academy

Business Member

Studio or Brand Owner



You’ve expanded beyond solopreneur and want to empower your team with special perks. Share your business with the ALA Community!


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