Move Beauty Forward With Every Lash

Lash treatments are one of the biggest beauty crazes in America right now. But who’s bringing the industry together as it grows?

Oh wait...It’s us!

The American Lash Association is moving beauty forward with every lash by helping advocate the practice, investing in career development, and giving each talented artist the recognition they deserve!

Inspiring, Connecting, and Supporting Lash Artists:

Meet other lash artists, make friends in your field, and share tips and tricks with each other.
When it comes to expanding your skills as a lash artist: “the limit does not exist!”
Business, regulations, benefits...we’ll give you all the resources to become a beauty boss!

Official Lash Industry Partners

Our Mission

Advancing the incredible lashing experience

In the beauty world through representation, advocacy, and networking for its professionals.

Our Vision

A tight-knit community of inspired, supportive, and empowered lash artists

To promote the most fulfilling treatment beauty has to offer!

Why Join The ALA?

We’re the super stylish support network every lash artist needs throughout their career. We’ve got curated Resource Libraries, community groups, discounts on essential software and services, and exclusive industry insights from Industry Leaders. 

ALA Magazine

Move over, Vogue. We’re bringing beauty into the 21st century with the ONLY national magazine for lash artists. Our careers, our industry, our way!

Be An #artistextrodinnaire

Build Your Community

Sharpen Your Skills

Shape The Future Of Lashing

Join Us At LASHCON 2023

Prepare to be blown away by our incredible lineup of industry leaders at LASHCON 2023!

We’ve gathered the best and brightest minds in the biz to level up your lash artistry skills. Our speakers are here to inspire and empower you with the latest tools and techniques that will blow your client’s minds. From business strategies to marketing tactics and everything in between, we’ve got you covered! (and don’t forget about the afterparties with all your new lash artist friends…)

We’ll Cover:

  • Using Facebook Ads
  • Improving your profit margins
  • Tax tips for solo entrepreneurs
  • Building your own educational empire
  • Growing your business with Instagram
  • Creating messages that connect with your target audience
  • And so, so much more!

Come Meet Us in Person!

As an official sponsor of the 2024 LashConference, we are excited to announce that we will be attending the event in October.

Oct – 14 – 2024

The 2024 Lash Conference

Anaheim, California