National Lash Day: A Celebration of Artistry

A woman with eyelash extensions making a heart with her hands

February 19th marks a special day in the beauty industry, a day when the flutter of eyelashes takes center stage – it’s National Lash Day! ! Created by House of Lashes, this day isn’t just about eyelashes; it’s a celebration of the all things lashes.

National Lash Day didn’t materialize by chance; originally initiated to honor both natural and artificial lashes, the day invites enthusiasts to embrace the diversity and beauty of eyelashes. More than a celebration of a beauty trend, it’s a recognition of the skill, creativity, and passion that go into making eyes the focal point of allure.

In recent years, the popularity of eyelash extensions has soared, turning lash studios into sanctuaries of beauty and self-care. National Lash Day reflects this cultural shift, recognizing that eyelashes are not just hair; they’re a canvas for expression, a focal point for individuality.

From Kohl to Coal: A Lash Story Through Time

The tale of luscious lashes dates back to 4,000 B.C. when Ancient Egyptians rocked kohl to darken their eyelids. Fast forward to the 20th century, and non-toxic mascara made its debut in France in 1913. Maybelline took it to the next level in the U.S. with a mix of Vaseline and coal. Thomas Williams, the mascara maestro, set the stage for the mascara revolution.

Woman with long lashes in a beauty salon.

The Science Behind Lashes

Did you know that your lashes are 97% keratin? Yes, the same structural protein found in nails, feathers, horns, and claws. They grow to over three inches in length, with a little drama – the center lashes like to be the stars! Upper eyelid lashes flaunt between 200 to 300, while the lower ones keep it chill at about 100.

Eyelashes grow at an average rate of 0.12 to 0.14 millimeters per day, completing their cycle in about three to four months. Each lash is connected to a hair follicle containing blood vessels and oil glands, contributing to lash health. Lashes fall out and regrow naturally in a continuous cycle with an average lifespan of 90 to 150 days.

Celebrating Diversity in Lash Styles

One of the most exciting aspects of National Lash Day is the celebration of diverse lash styles. From classic extensions to voluminous fans, colored lashes, and even themed lash art, this day encourages both professionals and enthusiasts to explore the vast creative possibilities within the lash universe.

Here are some of our favorite popular lash extension styles:

  1. Classic Lashes:
    1. One extension is applied to one natural lash.
    2. Provides a natural, mascara-like look.
    3. Ideal for clients who want to add length and darkness without dramatic volume.
  1. Volume Lashes:
    • Multiple lightweight extensions (2-6) are applied to one natural lash.
    • Offers a fuller, more dramatic look.
    • Suitable for clients who desire a glamorous appearance.
  1. Hybrid Lashes:
    • A mix of classic and volume lashes are applied.
    • Provides a textured, multi-dimensional look.
    • Perfect for clients who want a balance between natural and dramatic.
  1. Mega Volume Lashes:
    • Involves applying a high number of ultra-lightweight extensions to one natural lash.
    • Creates a bold, intense, and voluminous look.
    • Suited for clients who desire maximum volume.
  1. Cat Eye Lashes:
    • Extensions are longer at the outer corners, creating a cat-eye effect.
    • Enhances the natural shape of the eyes, providing a lifted appearance.
  1. Doll Eye Lashes:
    • Longer extensions are applied to the center of the lash line, creating a doll-like look.
    • Opens up the eyes and gives a youthful appearance.
  1. Kim K Lashes:
    • Involves a mix of short and long extensions to achieve a wispy, fluttery look.
    • Inspired by the eyelash style often worn by Kim Kardashian.
  1. Colored Lashes:
    • Extensions come in various colors.
    • Adds a pop of color or creates a vibrant, unique look.
  1. Staggered Lashes:
    • Extensions are applied in a staggered pattern for a textured, natural appearance.
    • Mimics the growth pattern of natural lashes.
  1. Natural Lashes:
    • Extensions are selected to closely match the client’s natural lashes.
    • Provides subtle length and volume, enhancing without appearing overly dramatic.

Tray of different eyelash extension lengths

How to Celebrate National Lash Day
  1. Pamper Yourself: Book a lash appointment to treat yourself to a lash makeover. Whether it’s a classic set or something more adventurous, let National Lash Day be a day of indulgence.

  2. Share Your Lash Journey: If you’re a lash artist, share your journey on social media. Showcase your favorite lash transformations, the evolution of your skills, or even the behind-the-scenes of your lash studio.

  3. Educate and Empower: Use this day as an opportunity to educate clients about lash care. Share tips for maintaining healthy lashes, choosing the right extensions, and debunking common myths about the lash extension process.

  4. Collaborate and Connect: Reach out to fellow lash artists or enthusiasts. Collaborate on social media challenges, host virtual events, or simply engage in conversations about the latest trends and techniques in the lash world.

National Lash Day is more than an ode to lashes; it’s a celebration of self-expression, creativity, and the professionals who turn a beauty ritual into an art form. So, flutter those lashes proudly on February 19th, and let the world see the beauty that lies in every blink.