ALA Member Lash Giveaway #LashLotto

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Get Ready for the Biggest Lash Giveaway Event of the Year!

Welcome to the first-ever ALA Member Lash Giveaway, where we’re celebrating our incredible community of lash artists and the amazing partners who support us. Join us as we go on a week-long journey of gratitude, appreciation, and incredible prizes!

Our mission with the ALA Member Lash Giveaway is simple: to showcase the power of our community, the benefits of ALA membership, and to express our heartfelt appreciation to each and every member who contributes to our vibrant industry.

When is The #LashLotto

The excitement begins on Monday April 22nd with daily giveaway drawings LIVE on Instagram. The giveaway will run through Saturday, April 27th and conclude at Lash Boss Summit in Austin, Texas!

Tune in to our Instagram (IG LIVE) every evening: 
  1. Monday, April 22nd at 5pm PST / 7pm CST/ 8pm EST 
  2. Tuesday, April 23rd at 5pm PST / 7pm CST/ 8pm EST 
  3. Wednesday, April 24th at 5pm PST / 7pm CST/ 8pm EST 
  4. Thursday, April 25th at 3pm PST / 5pm CST/ 6pm EST 
  5. Friday, April 26th at 3pm PST / 5pm CST/ 6pm EST 
  6. Saturday, April 27th LIVE ON STAGE AT LASH BOSS SUMMIT! 

What is The #LashLotto

Prepare to be blown away by the incredible prizes up for grabs! From online courses and gift cards to exclusive retreats and business mentorship opportunities, we’ve got something for everyone.

Check out the full list of prizes below:
  1. Lashbox LA: Ultra Fine Diameter & Mega Volume In Person Class ($1290)
  2. Lashbox LA: Ultra Fine Diameter & Mega Volume Online Class ($590)
  3. Lashbox LA: $500 Gift Card 
  4. The Lash Professional: $1000 Gift Card
  5. Lash Boss Retreats: Trip to London – ($2199) + ALA: $500 Cash Gift Card  (can be saved & used towards 2025 retreats)
    1. *Must be at Lash Boss Summit to Win 
  6. The Lash Conference: General Admission Ticket x2 ($747)
  7. LashBase: $500 Gift Card
  8. Light Heart Lash: Mega Volume Online Masterclass Class + Mentorship Call ($770)
  9. Loved and Lashed: Train Like A Pro Online Course ($650) 
  10. Loved and Lashed: Bay Area Lash Expo & Lash Awards Standard Admission Ticket  ($199)
  11. Lash Bomb: Time Tamer Course with Kit ($700) + $300 Gift Card
  12. Borboleta Pro: Retail Aftercare Bundle ($2,000 you can resell for $$) 
  13. Borboleta Pro: 1 on 1 Business Mentorship with @KimberJaynes 
  14. LashGuyPro: Mega Volume Bundle ( $449) x 4 
  15. Eyeland Lash: Comprehensive Social Media Mentorship ($2000)
  16. The Lash Shop Canada: $500 Gift Card 
  17. The Brow Shop: $250 Gift Card 
  18. Unfold Esthetics: Trending Styles Online Course ($899)
  19. International Lash Expo: All Access Pass to ILE Miami ($549) 
  20. JB Lashes: $500 Gift Card & Cleanse It Kit ($96)
  21. LashCast Clubhouse: Year of Business Coaching Membership x2 ($1044)
  22. LashCast: Tussanee’s Retention Course ($997)
  23. LashCast: IBS Lash Social in Las Vegas June 2004 ($87)
  24. MacKenzie G: MackLash Volume Workshop 12 Course Bundle ($449) x 3
  25. Beauty Gal Val: Instagram Audit & Content Creation Call ($375)
  26. Paris Lash Academy: $1000 Gift Card 
  27. Paris Lash Academy: Lash Business Masterclass Online Course ($499)
  28. Paris Lash Academy: Wet, Wispy & Strip Lash Styling Online Course ($399)
  29. Paris Lash Academy: Lash Foundations: Classic & Volume Online Course ($199)
  30. Plush and Oak: $500 Gift Card 
  31. Cecilia Wiscomb “The Money Whisperer”: Finance Bundle ($435)
  32. Thousand Lashes: Online Lash Retention Course with Free Kit ($169)
  33. Lash Bash: Two Tickets to any Lash Bash from now to 2025 ($250)
  34. AKI Lashes: Business and Accounting 101 Online Course x2 ($149)

++++ @BeautyBooks: Every winner will ALSO get a full year subscription! ($235 per membership) 

How to Win The #LashLotto

Participation is easy! ALA Members please make sure you do the following: 

  1. Follow @americanlashassociation and one of our giveaway partners on IG
  2. Like and tag 3 of your lash besties on our latest IG post of the day
  3. Share the post to your stories while tagging @americanlashassociation

Remember, you must be an ALA member to win, and you can only win once during the giveaway week. You also must be on the scheduled IG Live of the day in order to win a giveaway prize!

Don’t miss out on your chance to win epic prizes and join us in celebrating the ALA community.

See you there! #LASHLOTTO


Congratulations to All Our ALA Member Winners!

We had so much fun showering love on our ALA Fam all week long! We are so thankful to all our amazing and generous partners for donating to our ALA Member Giveaway. Stay tuned for our fall giveaway!

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