Unveiling the Beauty and Lash Industry’s Must-Attend Events of 2023

As the beauty industry evolves and dazzles, it’s crucial to stay at the forefront by immersing ourselves in a world of events and conferences that celebrate and elevate the art of beauty and lashes. Get ready for a thrilling year ahead as we unveil the hottest gatherings where beauty professionals, experts, and enthusiasts unite to share their passion and knowledge.

International Beauty Show (6/24-6/26)

Kickstarting the beauty extravaganza is the International Beauty Show (IBS), a premier event that caters to beauty professionals eager to elevate their skills and expand their horizons. Covering everything from hair, makeup, and nails to lashes and aesthetics, IBS offers an all-encompassing educational experience. Dive into a sea of educational sessions, hands-on workshops, and product demonstrations. It’s your golden ticket to learning from industry titans, discovering emerging trends, and building connections with fellow beauty aficionados. The June event takes place in Las Vegas, and for those who can’t make it, there are upcoming events in Florida (October 2023) and New York City (March 2024).

Cosmoprof (7/11-7/13)

Prepare to be cosmically inspired at Cosmoprof, the global beauty extravaganza that unites beauty professionals, brands, and influencers from across the globe. With multiple editions held in exotic locations like Las Vegas, Bologna, Hong Kong, and Mumbai, Cosmoprof is renowned for unveiling the latest innovations and trends in the beauty universe. From makeup and skincare to hair and, of course, lash products, this event is a treasure trove for beauty enthusiasts.

Premiere Shows (10/1-10/2 & 10/8-10/9)

The Premiere Shows are highly anticipated beauty exhibitions that light up cities worldwide, including Orlando, Chicago, and Birmingham. These shows roll out an exciting lineup of beauty brands, professional workshops, and stage presentations by top artists. Premiere Shows provide a platform for beauty professionals to explore new techniques, witness breathtaking showcases, and connect with industry leaders. With shows across the country in Anaheim (2024 TBD), Orlando (June 2024), San Antonio (10/1-10/2), and Columbus (10/8-10/9), you’re in for a beauty extravaganza!

LashCon (10/14-10/16)

Lash artists, lash business owners, and lash enthusiasts, brace yourselves for LashCon—the ultimate conference dedicated to the lash industry. This event promises an unforgettable experience, blending inspiration, education, and networking opportunities. Dive into workshops hosted by leading lash experts, engage in panel discussions, witness live demonstrations, and connect with fellow lash aficionados. It’s a lash lover’s dream come true!

Mark Your Calendars

These upcoming events and conferences offer an extraordinary opportunity for beauty and lash professionals to immerse themselves in the latest industry trends, expand their knowledge, and connect with like-minded individuals. Whether you’re a budding lash artist, a seasoned beauty professional, or a brand owner, these gatherings are not just events; they’re experiences.

So, clear your calendars, pack your beauty bags, and embark on a journey of inspiration and discovery in the realm of beauty and lashes in 2023. Keep those eyes peeled for updates and registration details as these incredible events draw closer! Don’t miss your chance to shine in the world of beauty.

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