See You at IBS Las Vegas!

See You at the International Beauty Show!

Get ready for an exhilarating beauty extravaganza at the International Beauty Show (IBS) Las Vegas 2024, happening from June 22-24 at the Las Vegas Convention Center, West Hall. Presented by AMERICAN SALON and recognized among the fastest-growing trade shows, this event promises three days filled with discovery, renewal, and celebration of all things beauty.

Understanding Associations & The Power in Numbers

A diverse group of women in bright colored suits standing arm and arm

Wondering what exactly the American Lash Association (ALA) is? An association is a big group of people who share similar interests and goals. In our case, it’s all about lashes! We provide resources, education, and community for everyone in the lash world. Think of us as your ultimate support system in the lash industry. Our goal? To provide YOU with tons of awesome benefits and perks, like health insurance, exclusive discounts, and industry led live trainings and masterminds to help you thrive in your lash career.

See You at Lash Boss Summit Ya’ll!

Image of speakers at the 2023 Lash Boss Summit with pink overlay and details on the date and location

Lash Boss Summit, hosted by ALA Leadership Council Member Shelby Tarleton, is happening in Austin, Texas, on April 26-27, 2024 and the ALA will be there! This is where industry leaders, lash artists, and enthusiasts from around the globe converge for a weekend of unparalleled insights and networking. This is THE midwest lash event you don’t want to miss!

ALA Member Lash Giveaway #LashLotto

Pink background with gift boxes and balloon hearts for the ALA member lash giveaway

Don’t miss out on the excitement of the ALA Member Lash Giveaway, our biggest lash event of the year! Join us for a week-long celebration starting on April 15th, 2024, as we express our gratitude to our incredible community of lash artists and partners. With daily giveaway drawings from April 22nd to April 27th, tune in to our Instagram LIVE for your chance to win amazing prizes from some of your favorite lash industry brands! #LashLotto

Shelby Tarleton of Lash Boss Radio Joins ALA Leadership Council

Shelby Tarleton, the visionary owner of Pink Lady Lash and host of Lash Boss Radio, has officially joined the Association of Lash Artists (ALA) Leadership Council. With a rich history in the lash industry dating back to 2011, Shelby’s commitment to quality lash education and her innovative approach to the industry make her a significant asset to the ALA. As the founder of Lash Boss Retreats and a prominent figure in global beauty conferences, Shelby’s induction into the Leadership Council promises a new era of creativity, professionalism, and collaboration within the lash community.

Christine Petrun of Eyeland Lash Joins ALA Leadership Council

Christine Petrun, founder of Eyeland Lash, has joined the ALA Leadership Council, underlining her commitment to industry excellence and women’s empowerment. Christine’s unique journey from the corporate world to becoming a lash power house showcases her dedication to the art of eyelash extensions and education. Her establishment of Eyeland Lash, driven by a mission to make women feel beautiful, has not only produced satisfied clients but also award-winning lash artists and successful business owners. Now, as an ALA Council member, Christine is poised to contribute her expertise, ensuring elevated standards and exciting initiatives for the lash industry.

Kimber Jaynes of Borboleta Joins ALA Leadership Council

Kimber Jaynes Joins the ALA Leadership Council

In a groundbreaking collaboration, Kimber Jaynes, the founder of Borboleta, has joined the American Lash Association (ALA) Leadership Council. This alliance marks a pivotal moment, where the forces of Borboleta and the ALA converge to propel the lash profession to new heights of excellence. As a council member, Kimber brings not just her experience and success but a dedicated commitment to shaping the future of lash artistry under the umbrella of the ALA.

Michelle Nguyen of PLA Joins the ALA Leadership Council

Michelle Nguyen, the visionary behind PLA (formerly Paris Lash Academy), has joined the American Lash Association (ALA) Leadership Council! Discover how this collaboration is set to redefine the industry, empower lash artists, and create a legacy of excellence in the lash industry.

Lash Guy Pro’s Christopher Carr Joins the American Lash Association Leadership Council

Christopher Carr of Lash Guy Pro Joins the ALA Leadership Council

Christopher Carr, the visionary behind LashGuyPro™, has joined the American Lash Association’s Leadership Council, signifying a commitment to shaping the future of lash artistry. From crafting beautiful mega volume fans with one hand to founding LashGuyPro in 2018, Chris Carr is not just a lash artist but a maestro dedicated to empowering others on their lash journey. The Leadership Council, aims to set industry standards, promote ethical practices, and foster an environment where every lash artist can thrive.

Beauty Books Founder Brittany Hawse Joins the American Lash Association Leadership Council

Brittany Hawse, the force behind Beauty Books, has joined the American Lash Association (ALA) Leadership Council. With her diverse journey from a celebrity lash artist to an entrepreneur, Brittany brings not just expertise but a passion for uplifting the lash community. This collaboration aims to redefine the lash industry landscape, uniting innovation, community, and a shared commitment to excellence.