See you at LashCon 2023!

LashCon attendees celebrating

Are you ready for the event of the year? It’s almost time for LASHCON 2023! Join us from October 14th to 16th, 2023, at the Anaheim Hilton in California for a lash conference like no other.

What’s LASHCON All About?
LASHCON isn’t just another lash conference; it’s a game-changer. While many conferences focus solely on lash techniques, they’re taking a different route. Their mission is clear – they’re here to help you streamline your business operations and supercharge your marketing strategy. It is all about efficiency and effectiveness to take your lash business to unprecedented heights. Get ready to uncover the secrets of successful lash entrepreneurs.
Connect with Lash Artists and Create Lifelong Bonds
One of the most incredible aspects of LASHCON is the opportunity to connect with fellow lash artists and beauty enthusiasts. It’s a chance to meet your new lash besties who share your passion for all things lashes. They have a lineup of parties, meetups, and networking events throughout the weekend, ensuring you have ample opportunities to forge meaningful connections. Even if you’re a bit on the shy side, fear not! The lash industry is like family and is renowned for its friendliness and warmth. They have creative ways to break the ice and help you connect with your new lash family.
Come Away Inspired and Rejuvenated
Working as a lash artist often means spending hours alone in your studio. But at LASHCON, that’s all going to change! They understand the need for connection and inspiration, and are here to deliver. The event is designed to flood you with fresh ideas and reignite your passion for lash artistry. With an impressive lineup of speakers and workshops, expect an injection of new life into your business. Prepare to leave LASHCON feeling motivated, inspired, and more deeply in love with your craft than ever before.
LashCon 2023 expert speaker
Grow Your Business with Expert Insights
Get ready to be blown away by the stellar lineup of industry leaders at LASHCON. They have gathered experts in business, marketing, and customer service, all with the goal of helping you level up your lash artistry business. From Facebook Ads to profit margin optimization, tax tips for solo entrepreneurs to building your educational empire, and creating an Instagram presence to crafting client-connecting messages – they have you covered. Prepare to learn from the best and elevate your business to new heights!
What Sets LASHCON Apart?
  1. Largest Lash Conference: LASHCON is the biggest lash conference globally, offering you the chance to network with the best in the industry.
  2. Trade Show Extravaganza: Discover new products and techniques at the trade show with over 100 booths from your favorite lash brands.
  3. Endless Fun: Immerse yourself in a fun-filled experience with parties, meetups, and social events planned for all four nights.
  4. Alternative Activities: If parties aren’t your thing, no problem! They have a range of alternative activities planned.
  5. Swag Galore: As a special thank you for attending, every guest will receive an awesome swag bag filled with lash-related goodies.
  6. Expert Speakers: Learn from the best in the business. LASHCON is the only lash conference featuring nationally acclaimed business and marketing speakers tailored to lash stylists.
  7. Session Recordings: Even if you miss a session, don’t worry! They record all their speakers so you can watch them later on our LASHCON app.
  8. Interactive Experience: Join the conversation and connect with other lash stylists, sponsors, and speakers on-the-go by downloading their phone app, which allows you to interact and network with like-minded professionals.
  9. Educational Powerhouse: Attend 2 days of classes with over 40 expert speakers and panelists who will share their knowledge and expertise on a wide range of topics related to lash extensions, business, and marketing.

Networking and connect with fellow lash artists at LashCon 2023

And that’s not all! The American Lash Association (ALA) will be there with our very own booth, so come drop by and meet the team. We can’t wait to see you at LASHCON 2023! It’s time to take your lash business to the next level. Don’t miss out on this incredible opportunity.
See you there!

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