Paul and Tussanee Luebbers: Guiding the ALA Leadership Council to Elevate the Lash Industry

The American Lash Association (ALA) is delighted to welcome two industry trailblazers, Paul and Tussanee Luebbers, to the esteemed ALA Leadership Council. This significant development marks a pivotal moment for both the ALA and the lash industry at large.

Leadership Beyond Lashes

Paul and Tussanee, known as the duo behind Lash Cast bring their transformative work in the world of lashes, are set to bring their wealth of experience, innovation, and entrepreneurial acumen to the ALA Leadership Council. Their journey from humble beginnings to creating a thriving lash salon that now generates over one million dollars in revenue is nothing short of inspiring.

Their career path, not unlike that of many lash artists, was fraught with challenges. In the early years, they grappled with a business that was bustling with clients but hemorrhaging money. Faced with the possibility of shutting down, they turned to a salon coaching company to find a lifeline.

A Transformation Story

What happened next was a metamorphosis. Over two years, they dedicated themselves to a comprehensive overhaul of their business. From refining their hiring process to elevating guest care and restructuring their finances, every aspect was scrutinized and improved. The result was astonishing: their salon experienced explosive growth, and they’ve been on an upward trajectory ever since.

A Generous Mission to Share

With over a decade of navigating the lash industry’s complexities, Paul and Tussanee have amassed a treasure trove of knowledge. They’ve seen the highs and lows, the challenges, and the triumphs. Now, they are ready to give back.

Their mission aligns perfectly with the ALA’s vision – to foster collaboration, nurture excellence, and provide vital resources to lash professionals across North America. By sharing their insights through podcasts, classes, and conferences (Hello LASHCON?!), Paul and Tussanee aim to empower lash artists to grow their businesses and boost their profits.

Guiding the ALA

As they join the ALA Leadership Council, Paul and Tussanee bring their industry insights, innovative spirit, and entrepreneurial wisdom to the forefront. Their combined experience of over a decade of journeying through the lash landscape positions them as invaluable guides for the ALA’s mission to unite and uplift the lash community.

This is a significant step towards building a united, thriving, and supportive lash industry. As they embark on this new venture, their passion for their fellow lash artists and commitment to growth and excellence will undoubtedly steer the ALA to greater heights.

The inclusion of Paul and Tussanee Luebbers in the ALA Leadership Council is a momentous occasion, one that bodes well for the future of the lash industry. They bring the spirit of innovation, resilience, and mentorship that will undoubtedly guide the ALA towards an even more impactful role in the lash world.

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