Passionate Lash Entrepreneur Kourtnie Warden of Lash Essential Joins the American Lash Association’s Leadership Council

Kourtnie Warden of Lash Essential Joins the American Lash Association's Leadership Council

The American Lash Association (ALA) is thrilled to announce that Kourtnie Warden, the talented owner and lead trainer of the Lash Essential, has joined the ALA Leadership Council. Kourtnie, a devoted mama of three and successful lashprenuer, brings a wealth of experience and a vibrant passion for lash artistry to the ALA.

 “My goal has always been to bring light and positivity to the lash world, said Kourtnie. “As an ALA Council Member, I’m honored to collaborate with other lash leaders to help guide and support the next evolution of our community.” 

With her journey in the lash industry spanning back to 2013, Kourtnie Warden has been a witness to the incredible evolution of the field. Her favorite lash service, a textured Mega Volume full set, showcases her love for the art’s transformative power. In 2015, Kourtnie launched The Lash Essential, a venture that was born out of a series of serendipitous events, all pointing her toward her true calling. Not only did she create a curated product line, but she also expanded her mentoring services into a comprehensive certification course. Lash students can train with her in person throughout the year in Washington and Utah, or grab a spot in one of her online training offerings.

One of Kourtnie’s most cherished aspects of the lash industry is its inclusivity. She passionately believes that there’s room for everyone, no matter their lash style preferences. Whether it’s classic sets or magazine-worthy, color-infused creations, the lash world welcomes all, and Kourtnie embraces this diversity wholeheartedly.

“The ALA is focused on growth and empowerment for the lash world,” said Kourtnie. “This association has been needed in our industry for a long time, and helping to guide its direction is so exciting.”  

The American Lash Association is dedicated to uplifting and supporting lash artists throughout the United States, and Kourtnie’s extensive experience and unwavering commitment to the industry make her a valuable addition to the ALA Leadership Council

“Kourtnie’s unique perspective as a multiple six-figure business owner, lash artist, and loving mama will undoubtedly contribute so much to our community,” said ALA Executive Director, Cristina Fard. “We are on a mission to empower, unite, and educate lash professionals and we are overjoyed to welcome Kourtnie on that journey with us!” 

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