Setting The Highest Standards In Beauty ALA Leadership Council

Every formidable group has a strong leader (or leaders) at the helm. We've gathered the best of the best lash artists to help you navigate your career, advocate for your field, and secure our place as professionals.

About The ALA Leadership Council

There are a number of challenges facing our industry as it grows. Our leadership council exists to promote our shared professional vision, and empower lash artists to push for best practices that support our sector instead of stifling it. The ALA council is lead by experts in the lashing field that will lead and set our Association's agenda, while providing our members with the insights and resources they need to succeed.
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Council Goals:

Coming Together As A Distinct Sector
To build a solid support network and empower each artist through any challenges they may face in their career.
Helping Our Clients & The General Public
Understand and appreciate our training and values as beauty professionals.
Promoting A High Standard
Around business ethics and social responsibility to create a nationally-respected brand for our growing industry.
Our Mission

Inspiring Each ALA Member To Get Involved

By connecting each lash artist with empowered leaders that represent their commitments as professionals.

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Our Vision

Driving Lash Artistry To The Forefront Of The Beauty World

With trustworthy and dependable leadership guided by collaboration, communication, shared values, and passion for our unique field.

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Explore Our Council’s Areas of Focus


Our council is taking on efforts to secure our place as a professional sector in the beauty industry. They advise our members on government regulations, professional standards, and public awareness — connecting them with resources and empowering them to be their own advocates.

Identifying Legal Challenges

The ALA council diligently investigates and addresses the challenges that legislation and regulations bring to our industry, connecting our members with helpful information and educational tools to help them advocate for themselves.

Advocating For Lash Technicians

Lash Artistry is a distinct sector of professionals in the esthetics industry. Our goal is to research and share updates around licensing, best practices, and safe application — inspiring our members to advance their own careers as our field grows.

Encouraging Growth & Development

We want to see each lash artist to succeed in their career. That means we're committed to giving each of our members advice and professional support to overcome career obstacles and stay competitive.

Health & Safety

Our council is dedicated to promoting practices and standards to protect our profession (and our client’s eyes). It’s not just about keeping a clean workspace, we research and share best practices for safe lash application with all our members — a crucial process for all the new products, tools, and techniques.

Researching & Communicating

Our council is committed to researching and promoting the safety and health standards that should be employed universally in our industry.

Promoting Best Practices

New products, techniques, and tools hit the market every month. That's why we research and promote new best practices constantly to protect our career and clients.

Raising Awareness

Our goal is to identify and communicate concerns related to products, ingredients, tools, and applications that lash artists should be aware of as they become more popular.

Professional Standards

Our council is creating a benchmark that all artists should strive to meet in order to best represent our industry, protect our clients, and keep the lash industry growing strong!

Developing The Professional Framework

To uphold and promote a shared vision, our professional standards council is identifying and communicating best practices and standards to guide our members throughout their careers.

Defining Values & Ethics

As our industry expands, our conduct matters more than ever! We're researching and recommending standards around values and ethics, safety, integrity, and inclusion to ensure we can help each client look and feel their best.

Leading The Beauty World By Example

By defining a stringent professional code for our community, we can become true trendsetters and spread the love of lashing with passion and sincerity — all while building the most trusted beauty community in the world!


Through your training and experience, you have the skills to be a lash artist. But an ALA accreditation isn’t about validating your certifications. Our council uses a unique process to acknowledge individuals dedicated to the highest professional standards, representing our field beautifully in the minds of clients, industry players, and the general public.

Business Ethics & Social Responsibility

Our client’s needs are at the heart of everything, and we’re committed to creating a nationally accepted quality benchmark for lash artists built on the professionalism, integrity, and values our clients and the public expect from us.

Upholding High Standards For Lash Artists

We're identifying the minimum standards our members should provide their clients and colleagues while defining the values and ethics lash artists should uphold every time they step into their studios.

Recognizing Excellence In Our Industry

We're establishing a framework for certified lash technicians to have their qualifications recognized, consistently uphold the values and ethics of our industry, and be seen as the passionate professionals they are.

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