Employment Classifications For The Lash Industry

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In the world of lash artistry, the possibilities for career paths are as diverse as the fluttering lashes themselves. From classic extensions to volume mastery, lash artists create breathtaking transformations, leaving clients captivated by their newfound beauty. Yet, beyond the artistic allure, a crucial factor often hides in the shadows: employment classification.
Let’s embark on a journey through the tapestry of employment classifications that shape the lash industry. As you navigate this maze, you’ll uncover the distinct avenues that lash artists choose, each path marked by unique attributes and opportunities.
Apprentices: Nurturing Talent, Forging Skills

For many new lash artists, the adventure kicks off as an apprentice – a budding artist eager to improve their skills under the guidance of a seasoned mentor. This phase offers a dual purpose: gaining hands-on experience while refining the delicate art of lash extensions. Lash apprentices are paid employees that are in the training phase of their careers. It is not something that can replace certification, but rather helps improve their skills as an artist. Services that an apprentice provides are usually discounted and the client must be informed if they are booking with an apprentice. This period usually lasts at least a couple of months until the apprentice has gained enough experience to move on to regular employee status. 

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Employees: Anchoring Expertise, Fostering Growth
Stepping onto the stage as an employee holds its allure. The comfort of a structured environment provides stability, allowing lash artists to flourish under the studio’s umbrella. This role requires following studio rules, a symbiotic relationship where lash artists contribute their artistry while abiding by set protocols. Employees are also expected to contribute to salon cleanliness and other various tasks between clients. Payment is always processed through the studio and employees get state and federal taxes deducted from their paychecks. Depending on the studio, an employee may get paid either hourly or by commission. If the studio offers any promotions, discounts or marketing, the employee is expected to participate as well as attend mandatory trainings or meetings. 
The Solo Act: Self-Employed Lash Entrepreneurs
For those fierce souls driven by independence, self-employment is the ultimate call to action. This empowering choice hands lash artists the reins to their destiny, allowing them to sculpt their business, set their prices, and fashion their signature lash style. As self-employed lash artists, they shoulder the entire weight of their lash brand, juggling the roles of entrepreneur and artist. The beauty of this path lies in its versatility, with the freedom to work from the comfort of home or create a personalized studio space. It’s the purest expression of solo artistry, where creative control and business savvy unite. Let’s take a look at some examples of self employed lash artists:
  1. Bed/Booth Renters: Forging Independence, Building Empires:
    1. The classification of bed/booth renters represents a symbiotic relationship between studio owners and independent lashpreneurs. Renters operate their lash businesses within the studio’s premises, using designated spaces to offer their services.
    2. These lashpreneurs are responsible for their product selection, pricing, and marketing strategies. The rental arrangement empowers lash artists to mold their brand within an established setting, benefiting from shared studio resources while retaining a sense of independence.
  2. Suite Renter: Crafting an Oasis of Creativity and Growth
    1. Enter the world of suite renters, where lash artists transform private suites into personalized mini-studios. These entrepreneurial visionaries enjoy the benefits of a private space, fostering a sense of independence and privacy.
    2. A lash suite not only enhances the professional aura but also opens doors to potential expansion. Suite renters possess the unique advantage of building a team of fellow lash artists, nurturing a collaborative environment within their suite.
    3. This classification offers the perks of entrepreneurship without the weighty overhead, enabling artisans to flourish in a curated ambiance. Some suite landlords sweeten the deal with added incentives, from in-house events to continuing education opportunities and advertising support, elevating the suite rental experience to a realm of limitless possibilities.
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Studio Owner: Pioneering a Lash Haven
In lash artistry, being a studio owner isn’t just about lashing; it’s about being the captain of your lash ship. This journey involves securing a studio space, a blank canvas for your lash dreams, where you’re the creative visionary. The studio is your playground, and it’s where your unique vision takes shape.
Picture this: multiple lash beds and a squad of lash artists or renters, all under one roof. This dynamic diversity not only hones your skills but broadens your business horizons. However, like any epic quest, it comes with challenges. Navigating overhead costs, from rent to top-notch equipment, is a financial expedition. Success hinges on your ability to balance these expenses.
But wait, there’s more. You’re not just an artist; you’re the master of operations. From crafting schedules to orchestrating top-tier customer service, this role demands managerial finesse. If you’ve got a team, ensuring they sync with your artistic vibe and deliver consistent, high level service is crucial.
Being a studio owner blurs the lines between artistry and entrepreneurship. It’s like a rollercoaster through uncharted territory – thrilling, demanding, and oh-so-rewarding. The studio isn’t just a space; it’s your canvas for creative freedom, your lash sanctuary, your empire in the making. Sure, it comes with hurdles, but the sheer satisfaction of entrepreneurial triumph and the magnetic pull of artistic liberty make this journey a must for those with a daring spirit. It’s time to lash your way to empirehood!
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The ALA: Guiding Your Career Through Diverse Classifications
Amidst this web of employment classifications, the American Lash Association (ALA) stands as a beacon of support for lash artists across all categories. Committed to nurturing excellence, fostering friendships, and providing valuable resources, the ALA serves as a hub for education, networking, and advocacy within the lash industry. By connecting lash artists, offering training opportunities, and keeping members updated on industry trends, the ALA ensures that professionals thrive, regardless of their chosen employment classification.
Within the ever-evolving cosmos of lash artistry, employment classifications illuminate distinct trajectories. Each path manifests as a canvas of self-discovery, upon which your lash legacy unfurls. Embrace your chosen classification, and let your lash journey glimmer with growth, innovation, and limitless potentials.
As you consider these options, remember that your chosen path is a testament to your unique vision and aspirations. Whether you find your niche within a structured studio framework or pave your entrepreneurial way, the key is to embark on a path aligned with your passion and expertise!

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