Christine Petrun of Eyeland Lash Joins ALA Leadership Council

In a noteworthy development for the American Lash Association (ALA), Christine Petrun, the visionary founder and CEO of Eyeland Lash, has joined the esteemed ALA Leadership Council. Eyeland Lash, an embodiment of Christine’s commitment to helping women feel beautiful, stands as a testament to her journey from the corporate realm to becoming a powerful force in the beauty industry.

From Corporate America to Lash Expert

Armed with a Bachelor of Arts in Business Administration, Christine Petrun initially navigated the corporate landscape, contributing her skills to a Fortune-500 company. However, when the global economic landscape shifted, so did Christine’s focus. Driven by a passion for eyelash extensions and the beauty industry, she embarked on a transformative journey.

Education Redefined: From Dissatisfaction to Dedication

In 2011, Christine dove into the world of eyelash extensions, seeking professional education. Unsatisfied with the available courses, she took it upon herself to master the art. Through self-teaching and learning from the industry’s most skilled educators, Christine honed her craft, mastering not only eyelash extensions but also the meticulous Russian Volume technique.

Eyeland Lash: A Mission of Beauty and Education

The birth of Eyeland Lash was a direct outcome of Christine’s commitment to helping women feel beautiful. Fueled by her dedication to industry integrity, Christine established Eyeland Lash to offer premier education with strict professional standards. The success stories that followed included award-winning lash artists and graduates who, inspired by Christine, ventured to create their own successful eyelash extension businesses.

Now, as a member of the ALA Leadership Council, Christine brings her wealth of experience, passion for education, and dedication to industry standards. Her presence promises exciting collaborations and initiatives to further enhance the lash industry’s growth and excellence. Stay tuned for the transformative impact Christine Petrun is set to make within the ALA and the broader beauty community.

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