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Your Lash Artist Business Checklist

This comprehensive guide is designed to assist aspiring lash entrepreneurs in laying the groundwork for their businesses. Covering essential steps from certification and branding to financial management and marketing strategies, this checklist provides a clear roadmap for success in the lash industry. With practical tips and resources tailored specifically for lash artists, this checklist serves as a valuable tool to help individuals navigate the complexities of starting and running a thriving lash business.

See You at The International Lash Expo!

The International Lash Expo (ILE) is an Official Partner of the American Lash and is bringing world class education to the heart of Arizona’s lash artist community. Hosted by the husband and wife team, Crystal and Carlos Perez, this inaugural two-day extravaganza in Glendale, Arizona is sure to become a staple on the lash artist event circuit. What sets ILE apart? It focuses on providing every attendee with equal access to all the event’s offerings. ALA Members ALA Members can claim their ILE ticket discount in their Member Services portal!

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Unlock Wellness: Dive into Savings with BetterHelp and YogaWorks Discounts at ALA

Discover a path to holistic well-being with ALA’s latest benefits spotlight. Nurture your mental health with BetterHelp, offering a complimentary month and exclusive discounts for sustainable therapy sessions. Experience the rejuvenating power of YogaWorks at a 20% reduced monthly rate, enhancing not just physical health but also mental clarity—crucial for the demanding world of lash artistry. ALA brings these tailored benefits to prioritize the holistic well-being of lash artists, recognizing the unique challenges and needs within the industry.