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Sylwia Walus, Industry Pioneer and Lashbox LA Co-Founder, Joins ALA Leadership Council

Sylwia Walus, a trailblazer in the lash industry and co-founder of Lashbox LA, has joined the American Lash Association (ALA) Leadership Council. With almost two decades of experience, she’s a Master Lash Artist whose game-changing Flower Bouquet Technique has transformed the industry. Now, she brings her expertise and passion to our council, aiming to empower lash artists and elevate industry standards.

Smiling young woman avoiding burnout

Tips to Avoid Burnout as a Lash Artist

Discover the ultimate guide to avoiding burnout in the world of lash artistry. Learn how to set boundaries, take lash-cations, connect with fellow artists, and prioritize self-care. Plus, don’t miss out on the secrets to creating a serene lash space and keeping your creative spark alive.