Beauty Books Founder Brittany Hawse Joins the American Lash Association Leadership Council

In the vast landscapes of Canada and the vibrant culture of LA, Brittany Hawse’s journey is a tapestry woven with diverse experiences. From a devoted horse enthusiast to a wife and girl mom, her trajectory took a transformative turn when she stepped into the world of lash artistry.

The Lash Love Story

Trading the hustle of assisting for the freedom to shape her schedule around motherhood, Brittany immersed herself in the art of lashing. It was more than a career move; it was a love affair. Mastering lash extensions in the early years, she found herself drawn not just to the artistry but also to the idea of entrepreneurship.

Beauty Books Vision Unveiled

As her fifth year in the lash industry approached, Brittany felt a calling. Driven by the desire to address the unique challenges faced by lash artists in managing their businesses, she embarked on the ambitious journey of creating Beauty Books. A software tailored explicitly for lash professionals, it wasn’t just functional; it was a reflection of her understanding of the industry’s distinct needs.

The road from concept to creation was arduous, but after a year and a half of dedication, Beauty Books emerged—a testament to Brittany’s commitment to enhancing the professional lives of lash artists. For her, Beauty Books isn’t just a software; it’s a labor of love, a tangible expression of her passion for the lash industry.

Brittany’s aspiration is straightforward but profound: she wants lash artists to fall in love with Beauty Books as deeply as they’ve fallen for the art of lashing. Her current obsession revolves around constant refinement and expansion, adding new features to make Beauty Books the unrivaled choice in the ever-evolving landscape of the lash industry.

Elevating Together: ALA Leadership Council

Brittany Hawse, already a luminary in the lash industry, is taking her commitment to the next level. By joining the American Lash Association (ALA) Leadership Council, she aims to elevate not just Beauty Books but the entire landscape of lash artistry. Her diverse journey—from a solo lash artist to a software creator and now a leader in the ALA—embodies a narrative of passion, innovation, and an unwavering commitment to empowering lash artists on their journeys.

As Brittany steps into this new role, the ALA anticipates the infusion of her visionary spirit, dedication, and insights, making it a momentous occasion for the association and the lash community at large. Together with Beauty Books, Brittany Hawse is poised to create waves that will resonate throughout the lash industry. The future of lash artistry looks brighter with each innovation, each connection, and each empowered artist, leading the way to collective growth and excellence.

“Being a solo lash artist can be a lonely and overwhelming journey. That’s why I love the idea behind ALA. It provides a community where lash artists can find support and connect with others on the same journey. It’s about turning a solitary venture into a collective experience, where we all grow and thrive together.”

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