ALA Leadership Council: How We’re Setting The Highest Standards In Beauty

Every iconic group has a strong leader at the helm. The Plastics had Regina George, Destiny’s Child had Beyonce, and The American Lash Association has an absolutely stacked leadership council helping us secure our place in the beauty world.

True…our council members may not sing like angels or have enviable Y2K fashion. But they are experts in the lashing field that will hook you up with all the tools you need to uphold your professional values and best interests.

There are a number of challenges facing our industry as it grows. But when we empower each other to promote our shared vision as lash professionals, we can push for best practices that support our specialized field instead of stifling it.

Our Leadership Council goals are just that. We’re inspiring each member to get involved in shaping and guiding our lash artistry. When we come together as a distinct sector of passionate and knowledgeable professionals, we can help our clients, regulators, the general public, and aspiring artists to understand our training and value our input.


In the dynamic world of lash artistry, unity fuels progress. Enter the ALA’s Advocacy efforts– a force that propels our industry forward, hand in hand. Advocacy isn’t just rules and policies; it’s about creating bridges. It’s about artists, clients, regulators, and the public understanding each other. It’s about informed choices and a thriving beauty realm.

Our Advocacy Goals
  1. Awareness: We spotlight challenges from new rules so you’re informed.
  2. Promotion: Stay ahead with our latest industry insights.
  3. Guidance: Our advice empowers you to navigate hurdles confidently.
  4. Empowerment: Equip yourself to advocate for your success.
Our Advocacy Toolbox
  1. Leadership Council: Expert-driven initiatives for standards and accreditation.
  2. Best Practices: Stay sharp with evolving industry benchmarks.
  3. State Requirements: Simplified guides to compliance.
  4. Membership Connections: Networking and support, online and offline.

Advocacy isn’t just about rules – it’s about elevating our artistry. Join us in championing a vibrant future for lash artists.

Safety & Health

Cleaning and proper sanitation aren’t the most exciting part of a lash artist’s day, but they’re absolutely essential to our credibility as professionals. After all, you wouldn’t get a blowout at a salon with hair all over the floor or eat dinner at a table that hasn’t been wiped down.

Our Safety and Health focus is dedicated to identifying the best practices and standards to protect our profession (and our client’s eyes). It’s not just about keeping a clean workspace, we research and share best practices for safe lash application with all our members — a crucial process for all the new products, tools, and techniques hitting the market every month.

We’re also out to increase awareness about concerns related to product ingredients and materials as they surface. You’ll be the first to know if a cheaper glue is causing allergic reactions or which tweezers are actually worth the big bucks!

Professional Standards

We don’t want to treat lash artistry as an exclusive club that only the rich and famous can get into. But we do want to establish a nice “dress code” to set the right vibe. Lashing is taking the beauty world by storm. But business ethics and social responsibility are WAY more important to us than a paycheck.

You got into lash styling because you love helping women look and feel their absolute best. You love enhancing your client’s natural beauty. And you love that extra bit of confidence it gives them to go out and take on the world.

That’s why our professional standards was created for a benchmark that all artists should strive to meet to best represent our industry, protect our clients, and keep the lash industry growing strong! By defining a stringent professional code for our community, we can uphold our mission, vision, and passion — all while building the most trusted beauty brand in the world!

Meet Your Lashing Leaders!

The Leadership Council are an essential part of any beauty association that values the opinions and experiences of its members. We’ve searched the country far and wide to find the best lash experts, each with their special focus, to represent your professional commitments and love for lashing!

Through collaboration, communication, and shared values, our leadership council can help you advocate for the field you hold so dear and create an inspired and empowered collective that drives lash artistry to the top of the beauty world.

Do you want to see your vision for your lashing career be the blueprint for our industry? Are you re-reading each paragraph and thinking: “That’s LITERALLY me!” Our leadership council would love to meet you. Join the ALA and start living your Elle Woods fantasy!

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